Footage that's gone viral in recent days shows a woman hurling racist language at a Latino man who had intervened during her verbal attack on another man who was walking his dog.

The footage in question, per a report from San Francisco-based news outlet KGO, was taken by Stanley Gonzalez on Sunday. Gonzalez is said to have witnessed the woman "yelling racial slurs at a Latino man" who was walking his dog in the Daly City area. Reflecting on the moment, Gonzalez said he simply felt compelled to step in.

"For me, I've seen too much with what's going on with the nation...I felt like it was my duty, something just snapped to defend this man," he told KGO.

From there, Gonzalez explained, he made sure the original target of the woman's verbal attacks was fine and then started making his way to his car. The woman, as seen in the viral clip, then begins to berate Gonzalez. She's heard in the video referring to him as a "nasty Mexican dog" and telling him to "fuck off" as he repeatedly responds with "God bless you."

At one point, Gonzalez is heard telling the woman he will call the police if she continues. Speaking on his response to the woman's aggressive behavior, Gonzalez explained that it was simply a matter of not wanting to "stoop" to her level.

Daly City's Vice Mayor, Juslyn Manalo, condemned the "unacceptable" incident on Twitter and in a separate statement. 

And while the original report stated that the Daly City Police Department hadn't yet commented on the incident, follow-up tweets from @milkteamamacita—who originally shared the footage—clarified that "reports have been made" with authorities and noted that the woman in the video was identified.