A 43-year-old Michigan man responded by carrying out a stabbing when he was asked by a fellow customer to wear a mask. The man, identified as Ernest Ruis, had been told he would not receive service and was asked to leave the place of business prior to carrying out the stabbing. Later, he wielded his knife at a deputy and was shot, ultimately dying at a nearby hospital.

According to NBC News, Ruis was at the Quality Dairy shop in Windsor Township when a 77-year-old man asked him to put on a mask. At this point, police said, the store chose not to serve Ruis and asked him to leave. Ruis stabbed the man before vacating the scene. 

Due to the stabbing, local authorities were made aware of Ruis' car and license plate number info. Shortly after the Quality Dairy stabbing, Ruis was pulled over by an Eaton County Sheriff's deputy. A Michigan State Police rep said Ruis "immediately" exited the vehicle and began walking toward the deputy "with a knife in hand to attack the deputy." 

The rep added that the deputy at first attempted to keep distance from Ruis by backing up but "subsequently shot and injured the suspect." After being taken to a nearby hospital, Ruis is reported as having died in surgery. Both departments shared graphic video of the incident, during which the deputy can be heard telling Ruis to drop his weapon multiple times.

In keeping with policy, the deputy has been placed on administrative leave. The 77-year-old man who was stabbed by Ruis for asking him to wear a mask, meanwhile, is expected to recover.

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