Like most celebrations around the world, this year's Pride Month has been completely reshaped by the global health crisis. Traditional festivities have either been postponed, scaled down, or moved to a virtual platform, while cities continue to enforce various degrees of social distancing. So, in an effort to promote solidarity during this time of self-isolation, Skittles has teamed up with Gay Times and Switchboard on "Letters Filled With Pride"—a unique campaign that aims to connect people with their loved-ones.

“The cancellation of in-person Pride events around the world is a devastating blow for the community, especially given the loneliness that many are experiencing in isolation," Josh Fletcher, Executive Creative Director at Gay Times, said in a statement. "Through our work with Skittles® and Switchboard, Gay Times are trying to ensure that no-one need feel alone this Pride season, even if we aren’t physically together." 


The campaign allows you to send a personalized physical letter to a friend or family member in the UK free of charge. Participants will be asked to submit their name, the name and address of the recipient, as well as quick note. The snail mail campaign underscores Skittles' commitment and support of the LGBT community as well as the efforts of Switchboard, a volunteer-led counseling hotline for the LGBTQ community.

"The generous donation from Skittles® makes such a difference at Switchboard and this year the social campaign, highlighting our helpline details and the work of our volunteers, is invaluable," said Natasha Walker, Switchboard co-chair. "It has enabled us to raise even more awareness of our helpline services so that those most in need know they have someone to turn to."

You can send your Letters Filled With Pride now at the campaign's official website.