CBS Los Angeles reports that an adult film shot in Santa Monica has drawn outrage among residents after it was discovered that a portion of the video was taken inside a public library during business hours. Sidebar: Who found this clip and was brave enough to come forward with this...revelation?    

The video was originally uploaded to Pornhub as part of a deal where the performer gets paid for each click received, but it has since been taken down. What we can tell you is that the two roam the streets of Santa Monica, which includes passing by John Muir Elementary, where she occasionally exposes herself before they head into the city's Ocean Park Branch library to film the more explicit scenes. 

"We are deeply disturbed to learn about this video," the city of Santa Monica said in a statement. "Sex in public spaces is against the law and the Santa Monica Police Department will be looking into this incident." Attorney Luis Carrillo told NBC Los Angeles of the legal consequences that could come from getting caught. "If a person is found to have committed that crime, the punishment may include, apart from jail, registering as a sex offender," Carrillo said.

The video reportedly features adult film actress Ellie Eilish and an unidentified male performer. 



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