Mostafa Hussaini, 34, was taken into custody Thursday by the FBI after agents discovered 12 videos on his personal YouTube account where he spewed racist slurs and threatened to burn black people and kill individuals of different religious backgrounds and faiths, Miami Herald reports.  

Hussaini, who typically presented himself under the moniker Vam Vima, would post videos with hate-filled speech, such as the one on December 8 titled "Soldier Burns, Fantasizing to Burn Enemy," where he imagined burning "thousands, millions" of black people and soldiers.

"Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like blacks. I don’t know any blacks," he said. "I, I cannot even name any blacks. I don’t know any black people. ... This gasoline, imagine burning some black soldiers. They’re going to look very black after I’m done burning them. I can burn thousands, millions of them so there will be lots of burning." 

His hatred extended beyond black people, saying in another video, "I don't like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami." Hussaini also found issue with those who didn't mesh with his own beliefs. "I want to let you know I have no respect for religious people like them Nazi associates who wanted to systematically genocide all European Jews," he said. "I also want to genocide Americans."

Hussaini once advised anyone who saw his video and lives in Miami to "bring your gun and let everyone know." 

The FBI was made aware of Hussaini's videos earlier this month through the Miami Beach Police Department, which was informed by a Miami-Dade resident when that person contacted the county’s communications department. 

Hussaini is scheduled for a detention hearing on Wednesday. He was being investigated by the U.S. Army Counterintelligence Command, Miami Beach Police Department, Davie Police Department, and the FBI prior to his arrest. 

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