Andrew Yang has been accused of discrimination by a second woman who worked at his tutoring company, Manhattan GMAT. As BuzzFeed News reports, the Democratic presidential candidate, who was previously the CEO of Manhattan GMAT, allegedly "acted in a discriminatory manner" to another one of his former employees. 

"Andrew always spoke positively of my work and my value to the company. This changed only when I approached him about the disparity of my salary compared to male colleagues in similar roles," the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said in a statement. She explained that she previously reported Yang's discrimination to the human resources department at Manhattan Prep's parent company Kaplan, and after that she was abruptly fired.

"I believe Andrew fired me as retaliation for asking to be paid a salary that was still significantly less than what he was paying my male counterparts," she added. This isn't the first person who worked under Yang at his tutoring company to accuse him of such behavior. In September, Kimberly Watkins said that Yang fired her because she got married and due to this she allegedly wouldn't work as hard.

Yang disputed Watkins' claims and said there was "zero truth" to them. "I'm happy to say, I've had so many phenomenal women leaders that have elevated me and my organizations at every phase of my career, and if I was that kind of person I would never had any success," Yang said on The View.

A current employee who works at Manhattan GMAT, now called Manhattan Prep, added that they "never saw or experienced this type of discrimination." The woman who has leveled the second allegation of discriminatory behavior against Yang added that he "irrevocably tarnished [her] professional reputation." She continued, "In my experience, Andrew is yet another businessman who doesn’t think that women deserve to be compensated the same as men for the same work. Watching him disingenuously promote himself as a feminist candidate has been extremely disheartening."