The life of a meme is unpredictable, sometimes resurfacing months or even years after they're first used. So it's not surprising that the latest meme to take Twitter by storm over the past week isn't exactly a new one. It has, however, received a new lease on life after it was recently resurrected and put to good use. 

Known simply as the "and I cannot stress this enough" meme, its usage sparked big-time in August when people started to use it for pretty much everything. The format is versatile and simple, using the phrase to break up a sentence and increase emphasis for very dramatic effect. It's been used to highlight social justice issues and reinterpret book and movie quotes, but it has allowed people to be way too horny than might be advisable on social media.

Check out some of the best uses of it below.

Usage of "and I cannot stress this enough" has dated back almost a year, with one fan using it to highlight just how excited they were to tuck into Red Dead Redemption II. So if it seems familiar, you're not going crazy.