A St. Louis bar patron remained unbothered and even lit up a cigarette when an armed robber pointed a gun at him.

The bar’s security camera captured the incident, which took place around 12:30 a.m. on Friday, the Riverfront Times reports. According to KSDK, a man in his late 30s to mid-40s, outfitted in dark pants and a blue shirt, entered the bar with a gun and demanded money.

Footage showed the other customers and bartender hide when the robber arrived. The aforementioned patron was unmoved by the threat and remained seated at the bar.

When the robber first walked up to the patron to take the man's phone at gunpoint, the patron pulled out a cigarette. As the robber made his way around the bar, the patron covered his phone and pack of cigarettes with his hand.

Behind the bar, the robber pointed the gun at the man again. The man responded by lighting up his cigarette.

The robber seemed surprised by how unimpressed this man was, turning his attention to the other customers. He made them hand over their possessions and had the bartender open the register. When the robber tried to take the smoking man’s belongings again, the man waved him off. The robber left the bar without the smoking man’s possessions.

The suspect—who left with only a couple hundred dollars—has not yet been identified.