Dave Anthony Williams, 33, of Marietta, Georgia was charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder after wielding a machete and rushing in the direction of a fellow driver at a Texaco gas station in Cobb County, Atlanta's Channel 2 Action News reports

Joshua Evans claims the incident started when Williams "got angry at him because he took awhile to turn into the station." Williams followed Evans into the Texaco, and waited for him to walk out of the convenience store to confront him in person. As the two exchanged words, Evans says he acted in self-defense, throwing a punch at Williams as he charged at him. 

Williams responded to the punch by returning to his car, opening the trunk, and pulling out a machete. "I hear a lady like, 'He has a machete. He has a machete,'" Evans said. "So I'm trying run from him." The video below captures the moment after Evans realizes what Williams was holding in his right hand. 

In his efforts to evade Williams' machete, Evans slips and falls to the ground, and his girlfriend tries to come to his defense by jumping on his attacker's back. "Stitches on this finger. Stitches on my wrist. He caught me in the back," Evans said. "Anything could’ve happened to me. I could’ve lost my life over that." 

The person who captured the above footage believes Williams' intention wasn't to kill Evans, despite the charge that he's currently facing. "It didn’t look like he wanted to kill him, but it did look like he wanted to hurt him bad," he told Channel 2 Action News. Williams remains in prison without bond.