Samsung's highly-anticipated foldable smartphone will not be launching as expected this week in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal has learned that the April 26 release of $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold will be delayed after several review units started to break

Though the company asserts a new rollout will commence in the coming weeks, the WSJ report says that "a firm release date has yet to be determined." Yesterday, it was reported that the tech giant canceled two launch events in China, though it wasn't clear if that was related to the news of early model failure.

The phone, which will be the first mainstream bendable smartphone, remained a mystery until recently. The Galaxy Fold was unveiled alongside the Galaxy s10, though only the latter was available for demo by event attendees, while the former remained encased in a glass box. When tech reviewers finally got their hands on the technological wonder, many encountered problems with their units, which included faulty displays and screen bulges.

A spokeswoman for Samsung said the company is will be "conducting a thorough inspection into the issues reported by some of the reviewers of early Galaxy Fold samples. We will share the findings as soon as we have them."

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