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If you've found yourself disheartened by the mounting list of reasons why people suck, there may be a great alternative for you: moving to Pebble Island. 

According to BBC, the Falkland island, which is home to sea lions, 6,000 sheep, 42 species of bird, a ton of cattle and more importantly five, yes, five species of penguin—is now up for sale. Why anyone would give up an isolated haven full of comfort animals is concerning, however, according to seller Sam Harris, who incrementally inherited the island from his great-great-grandfather, the land mass has become too hard to manage. 

Image via Getty/Dea/R. Valterza

Harris explained his family's decision to let go of their ancestral heirloom during an interview with BBC. “It was a difficult decision, but it comes down to the fact that my mum and dad aren't in a position to continue managing it. It's going to be difficult to say goodbye to it,” he said. "We went to an estate agency to get it valued, but they couldn't value it because we've owned it for so long. There are no recent values on it they can go on. So we're open to offers.”

Pebble Island is 20 miles long, four miles wide and a stone throw away from Antarctica. Additionally, the island was one of the subjects of a territorial face-off between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982, which is why a fallen Argentinian Air Force plane found its final resting place among the penguins. 

If you plan on naming your price, keep in mind that his ancestor bought the isle for £400, and while that equates to £465K now, you can barely buy a one-bedroom apartment in New York for that anymore. 

Please don't turn it into a theme park; we've screwed up enough as a species already.