Humanity’s commitment to porn never fails to disappoint, and with the Pyeongchang games well underway, you could say it has reached Olympian levels. Pornhub has calculated some interesting statistics that show how the Winter Olympics have affected people’s porn preferences, and it looks like visitors to the site are really going for gold.

It’s worth noting that porn websites are technically banned in Korea, but Pornhub does have regular visitors from the Gangwon-do region. Given the influx of visitors to the country, Pornhub says traffic increased starting Feb. 1. The site notes that traffic did slow on Feb. 9, which Pornhub attributes to people being busy with opening ceremony preparations—insert your sexual “opening ceremony” sex pun here. The highest traffic increase, 85 percent, occurred on Feb. 12.

Even more fascinating, Pornhub says that as people around the globe tuned in to watch the games, searches for “Olympic” and “Olympics” went up by 561 percent. Searches for “Korea” or “Korean” went up by 38 percent on February ninth and have stayed higher than usual. Some other interesting increases: “nude Olympics” went up 1,801 percent, “bulge” was up 239 percent, and “figure skating” was the sport with the biggest search hike (622 percent). Triple axels make a lot of people hot, I guess. Searches for “threesome,” “lesbian,” and “anal” all went up in the Gangwon-do region, in case you were wondering what Olympic athletes and local spectators are into.

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