How do you know it's real love? Probably when it renders you so oblivious to your given surroundings that an actual armed robbery could take place right in front of you and you'd have no idea. For the unidentified (and good at making out) couple in the video above, general safety took a backseat to the raw power of heavy smooching.

Two armed men in masks robbed the Tap Inn bar and casino in Montana on Monday, leaving the two hyper-stimulated lovers to go about their physical business as they demanded money from the bartender. At one point, one of the robbers even walks right by the active couple but triggers no semblance of concern. No arrests have been made and no one is believed to have been injured, according to WGN-TV.

"We stress to the business owners that it is absolutely paramount employees are safe, that no amount of money is worth somebody getting hurt," Billings Police Department Chief Rich St. John tells MTN News. The makeout-obscured incident captured above, St. John says, is part of a recent outburst of robberies across Billings that he hopes can be stalled with the public's help. "When you take 105,000 citizens in Billings and have them watching out for everybody, that's a pretty formidable force against a criminal."

Very true. However, if the video above teaches us anything, it's that we should never underestimate the intoxicating power of an aloofness-inducing makeout session.