Just a day after becoming the first man to run game while riding a Citi Bike, Leonardo DiCaprio took his model make out tour to the Hamptons. The Pussy Posse commander was spotted once again Wednesday with model Kelly Rohrbach, a rare repeat offender. This time the two were posted up on a daybed making out and sipping on rosé, according to a spy for Page Six. "They seemed very sweet with each other," the source said. "Very affectionate."

During the make out sesh DiCaprio and Rohrbach were listening to indie singer Nancy Atlas, giving her an impeachable co-sign. If her music is good enough for Leo's model make out tour, it's good enough for us. 

Stay tuned as we wait for Leo's next make out location. We can't help but wonder if he wakes up and decides where he wants to make out each day or if he just rolls with the flow. Given the dadbod and its accompanying lifestyle, we're leaning toward the latter.