You would think robbers would be more careful after seeing the surge in cases of cashiers fighting back—including this cashier from Idaho who launched a scalding hot cup of coffee at a would-be robber's face—but fortunately they haven't smartened up. Like the Florida mom managed to drag a car jacker out her before they drove off with her kids in the backseat the following woman is not someone you would want to mess with, especially if you're a robber. 

A clerk in Keysville, Ga. fought off a robber at the Keysville Convenience Store on Tuesday according to The Huffington Post. Surveillance footage shows the clerk, Bhumika Patel, ringing up the would-be robber for a can of Mountain Dew. As she's doing this the robber nervously looks outside, even looking straight at the camera behind the register several times. It appears Patel goes to hand him his change and flinches back when she sees the gun drawn, pointing at her. But don’t mistake that flinch for fear, it was go time for Patel.

She then tries to slap the robber's hand (with the gun) away, twice and manages to hold it down. Patel's trying to grab at this guy with her bare hands when he reaches for the register. Patel successfully grabs the register and starts hitting him over the head with it, coins flying everywhere. The robber manages to escape her grip and runs out of the store, at which point she pulls out a hammer. 

The brave Patel told WRDW she only suffered a scratch and "three nails lose." "I just believe strongly in my religion and my God, if he wants to save me, nobody can touch me," Patel told WFXG

The robber's camera close-up would help the Burke County Sheriff's Office arrest him at his Richmond County home, according to The Huffington Post. He's been identified as 17-year-old Christian Dakota Thornton. The Huffington Post reports he's been charged with attempted armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during a crime.