Regardless of how love actually plays out in real life (hint for the uninitiated: not very well), the relationship of Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert on The Office still stands as a testament to the power of mockumentary-spurred unions. The chemistry between Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski seemed almost unbelievably real, often both inspiring and depressing viewers due to its unapologetic perfection. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week, Fischer revealed the secret to Jim and Pam's seemingly real relationship: actual love.

"There’s a real part of me that is Pam and a real part of [John Krasinski] that is Jim, and those parts of us were genuinely in love with one another," Fischer told a fan who asked how exactly they nailed that whole chemistry thing. "But in real life, we aren’t totally Pam and totally Jim, so in real life, we’re not the perfect match."

Though a revisit of their classic Office characters remains unlikely, fans have recently stumbled upon a new theory as to what became of America's favorite fictional mockumentary couple: