Supreme is set to open its second Los Angeles location in West Hollywood later this year, and some residents of the area aren’t happy about it.

The iconic streetwear brand is hoping to launch its new L.A. location on Sunset Boulevard, specifically where the Tower Records Building was located. There’s no word on an exact date, but it could open its doors as soon as summer 2022. Due to the dedicated following the company attracts and the ensuing crowds, various locals aren’t too keen about the store’s arrival.

KCAL reports that residents are worried about customers camping outside the location ahead of drops. These concerns prompted a virtual town hall meeting on Thursday, with many residents suggesting Supreme will attract mob-like crowds eager to get their hands on limited items. Others also highlighted that the shop would further worsen traffic in the area, which is already bad even by L.A. standards.

“Camping and altercations would be a negative side to having a chain like this, especially with a lot of residential space," said one local, Brianna Jordahl.

Supreme’s senior vice president West Rubinstein was in attendance for the virtual meeting and stressed that the brand doesn’t do pop-up style stores or allow fans to camp out overnight. “We don’t do pop-ups, we don’t do flash mobs, we don’t allow people to camp in our space overnight. We have a pretty developed system of allowing people to make appointments," said Rubinstein.

Construction is set to begin in February, and is expected to take approximately seven months to complete. Outside of its current four locations in the United States, Supreme has stores in London, Milan, Berlin, and Paris. There are also six locations in Japan, three of which are in Tokyo.