Shortly after becoming the creative director of DONDA in 2010, Abloh made his first entrance into streetwear with Been Trill, a DJ collective-turned-clothing brand that was launched alongside his friends Williams and Heron Preston. After the hype bubble for Been Trill burst, Abloh unveiled his own label dubbed Pyrex Vision in 2012. Introduced through a short film titled A Team With No Sport, the label saw Abloh brand Champion blanks and Ralph Lauren Rugby flannels with the word Pyrex and the number 23. Abloh said Pyrex Vision—named after the popular brand that produces tempered glass measuring cups that drug dealers use to make their product—was based on his high school experiences. “Pusha-T drug raps. Champion gym uniforms. Caravaggio obsession. Micheal Jordan as God. Kurt Cobain felt the most real. Black kid with white tendencies,” he told Union for a blog post. Although the brand only lasted a year, it laid the foundation for Abloh’s Off-White label, which launched in 2013. Off-White, which became known for its graphic symbols, including arrows, diagonal stripes, and quotations around words, quickly grew to become a leading streetwear brand that crossed over into luxury. Instead of just printing on cheap blanks, Abloh teamed up with the luxury fashion holding company New Guards Group to develop Off-White as a high-end label in Milan. Within two years of starting Off-White, Abloh was presenting collections at Paris Fashion Week and earned a finalist spot for LVMH’s Young Fashion Designers award. He went on to open the brand’s first flagship store in Shanghai in 2015.