While hoodies are certainly one of the hottest garments of the moment, they’ve been around in some form or another for as long as people have worn clothing, pretty much. From hooded robes of the Medieval Ages to the sporty, modern iteration, the hoodie is one of the most enduring and iconic items of the menswear canon. Everyone from monks to Kanye have sported the style and, what’s even better, looked good in it. How’s that for versatility and longevity?

We have the brand Champion to thank for the latest version of the hooded sweatshirt, a style they popularized in the 1930s as a workwear staple for blue collar types—just think of Rocky Balboa in his sweat-stained hoodie in the classic film. Since then, the style has been adapted by various subcultures as a defining garment. From hip hop to grunge to Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs to athleisure, the hoodie has fully cemented itself as one of the most relevant and multifunctional wardrobe items. Whether zip-up or casual pullover, the hooded sweatshirt has proven its worth as the ultimate layering piece when chilly weather hits.

Now, thanks to the It-brand of the moment Vetements, the hoodie has gone from humble to high-brow. Just look at their current collaboration with Champion, where the sweatshirt is warped and tweaked to absurd proportions, for proof. And yet, even with a four-figure price tag, stores can’t keep them in stock, proving yet again that the hoodie, no matter how out there, is a piece that people want. But there’s no need to break the bank for a hoodie—in fact, there’s plenty of wallet-friendly options that are arguably as cool (or even cooler) than the luxury versions. From sporty versions to styles with minimalist leanings, hoodies can adapt to whatever the situation calls for. Here’s a few of our current favorites for the perfect fit.