Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Last week, Supreme unveiled its preview and lookbook for its Fall/Winter 2022 season. As always, a peek at what Supreme has in store in the coming months has already created a frenzy amongst hypebeasts and fans of the beloved New York City clothing label. Resellers were working overtime and peeling off André 3000 posters to flip on Grailed before Supreme officially opened its doors last Thursday. Others are more excited to see the very first offerings from Supreme’s new creative director Tremaine Emory, whose first pieces for the brand arrive this season before his first full collection next spring.

As always, Supreme has delivered more of what it’s usually known for. There are odd accessories, bizarre food collaborations, commissioned graphics by rising underground artists, surprising brand collaborations, and the return of more sought after box logos. Season after season, Supreme proves their formula works and it never gets stale. But after taking a look at the brand’s newest offering this season, there’s certainly a lot to unpack here. Here are some of our initial takeaways from Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection.