The partnership between Raf Simons and Miucca Prada is only getting better.

Nearly two years after joining forces, the fashion powerhouses return with the Prada Men’s fall/winter 2022 runway show—one of the most anticipated events of Milan Fashion Week for men. The duo has continued to impress over the last several of seasons, offering customers a wide range of eye-catching mens- and womenswear pieces that deftly fuse a wide range of aesthetics. We’re talking everything from everything from sportswear and tailoring to beach attire and streetwear, all of which combined Simons’ sleek and toned down sensibilities with Prada’s signature “ugly chic” style.

You can livestream Prada Mens’ fall/winter 2022 runway show via YouTube above.

The event comes just days after the Italian fashion house debuted its spring 2022 campaign starring Tom Holland and shot by David Sims. 

“In a re-contextualizing of a figure world-renown for his action hero roles, Holland here becomes an embodiment of today’s Prada man — a rich internal life informing his outer projection of self,” Prada told THR about the campaign. “These images cement minute actions and reactions, close and gentle moments — the rapport between garment and body, gestures of dressing and undressing alive within the imagery. Instead of a cinematic panorama, Holland is portrayed via portraits, intimate and real. The images connect — his gaze holds ours, and our attention. He is performing for the camera, with intent — but it is a performance of himself.”