It’s been nearly three years since Darian Symoné Harvin tweeted a photo of herself in front of the Mona Lisa and asked other Black women to do the same. And now, she’s selling that tweet—which created an online movement—as an NFT

The post, which has since earned over 50,000 likes and spawned many replies, picked up steam on BuzzFeed and beyond when it was first shared Feb. 13, 2019. It also created conversation around what the famed Leonardo da Vinci artwork does, and does not, represent. 

Harvin’s auction, which kicked off on Tuesday at 12 p.m. ET and is set to last 48 hours, will have its link viewable on, bidding takes place here, and the NFT will get minted on Valuables by Cent.

“NFTs are about recognizing the value of a person’s contributions to creative industries, a concept, belief, or idea, versus ownership of a physical object,” Harvin shares. “The buyer is the only one who can determine if it’s valuable to them because NFTs are about having the ability to say that you possess something you believe is important.”

A portion of the money earned in the auction will see the creation of a Passport Fund (applications here) to pay for passport renewal fees or passport fees for Black women and Black femmes, according to a release. Harvin also is hoping to help other Black women mint their own Mona Lisa tweets, with instructions to do so now available. Before the auction wraps up, Harvin will also host a 24-hour room on Clubhouse.

“I’m auctioning my Mona Lisa image because I created something bigger than myself. I’m motivated by my desire to continue to tell global stories that change us all, and I want to empower myself with the financial means to do so.”

Check out the auction here.