Welcome back to the Space Jam. Tomorrow, the LeBron James-fronted sequel to the cult classic movie from 1996 is finally hitting theaters. To mark the occasion, they have made, well, everything. There’s no other way to really say it. There is a lot of Space Jam: A New Legacy merch out there, nearly 200 different collabs and a Looney Tunes shop stocked with over 1,000 items (including this absolutely perplexing nod to the Matrix series) if you want to get a bit more specific.

There are the obvious things—sneakers and apparel from Nike, action figures, and an array of graphic T-shirts that will populate the shelves of major retailers like Target and Walmart. But then there’s also some obscure things, like Apotheke candles, dog leashes, and sour gummy sneaker candy by Trolli. 

“The goal was to touch into some nostalgia brands and those we knew this generation could relate to, and that could offer something unique as it relates to the IP,” president of WarnerMedia  Global Brands and Experience Pam Lifford told WWD when discussing the large amount of collaborative partners for the movie. “Because it’s a global film, we had the ability to do that deep and broad. Our goal is not just to create stuff, it has to be meaningful and additive to the IP and complementary to each other.”

Some of it is worth collecting. Some of it is OK to leave alone. It can be a lot to sift through though. So we decided to highlight some of the better Space Jam: A New Legacy merch out there. Check out our picks below.