It's not easy finding a stylish pair of shorts. Let's keep it a stack, most of us would rather spend our hard earned bread on some rare Japanese denim than a good pair of shorts. But when you're stuck in a poorly air-conditioned situation, and start sweating bullets, it's going to get real uncomfortable down there. Damn, now you really wish you didn't wear your $800 archival Undercover jeans when it's 94 degrees outside. Trust that no one is going to care about that fit you put together when you're pulling up to the function soaked in sweat and smelling musty. 

Thankfully, there's a wide range of shorts you can buy that fulfill your needs for both comfort and style. Everything from timeless classics like Patagonia "Baggies" to a big flex like monogrammed Gucci Bermuda shorts exclusively released at Dover Street Market. Although shorts with no pockets can easily be accompanied with a great waist bag, you can stuff your daily essentials into a pair of Kapital shorts with nine pockets. There's no excuse. A comfortable pair of shorts is an investment that will pay off when you feel the summer breeze between your thighs —and no amount of rips in a pair of jeans could deliver that same feeling. 

With the end of summer approaching, there isn't a better time to stock up on shorts. Many of these items may go on sale in the coming weeks as lower temperatures start to kick in. However, the best pairs are sure to sell out before the end of this season. So don't get caught lacking. 

Alife Swim/Run Nylon Shorts

Price: $50
Where To Buy It: Alife

For those looking for a cheap, comfortable, and simple pair of shorts, Alife New York has you covered. These nylon shorts from the heritage New York streetwear brand come in a plethora of colors ranging from black to fuchsia. Unfortunately, most colors have already sold out, so snag this steal while you can. 

Noah Utility Short

Price: $120
Where To Buy It: Dover Street Market London

For those looking for a relaxed pair of cotton shorts with some extra carrying capacity, look no further. Noah’s utility short delivers with a unique snap pocket on the thigh that features subtle branding. Match these shorts with Noah’s Cordura mesh hip bag or backpack to make a great fit.

Gucci X Dover Street Market Bermuda Shorts

Price: $1,400
Where To Buy It: Dover Street Market London

These Gucci bermuda shorts exclusively released at Dover Street Market are a playful and colorful take on Gucci’s iconic monogram. Yes, they are asking for a rack and some change for a pair of shorts, but that’s the price you pay for big drip. 

Kapital Rip-Stop NAM Shorts 

Price: $480
Where To Buy It: Bodega

These shorts further showcase the Japanese brand’s unconventional take on classics. Why settle for traditional, four pocket, cargo shorts when you can have three on each side and one more by your thigh? A pair of shorts with nine pockets might be overkill. But it’s the perfect solution for anyone who hates backpack sweat. 

JW Anderson Fold Front Utility Shorts

Price: $295
Where To Buy It: Farfetch

An interesting pair of shorts from the British designer that fall somewhere in the realm of a blacksmith or carpenter’s apron. Perhaps the perfect flex for that renaissance fair you dread going to every summer. 

Aimé Leon Dore Color Blocked Hiking Shorts

Price: $175
Where To Buy It: Aimé Leon Dore

These hiking shorts from Lower East Side brand Aimé Leon Dore feature a unique color block pattern and well arranged zippers.

Rhude Multi Shorts

Price: $500
Where To Buy It: Rhude

For those looking for a more subtle pair of shorts by Rhuigi Villaseñor, these nylon Rhude shorts feature long mesh zipper pockets with reflective 3M details. And of course, they include the brand’s signature yellow drawstrings.  

Patagonia "Baggies" Shorts

Price: $55
Where To Buy It: Patagonia

Since it was first introduced in 1982, Patagonia “Baggies” remain essential for anyone needing a pair of versatile shorts for leisure and outdoor activities. Made out of 100% recycled nylon and treated with a waterproof finish, “Baggies” serve as an affordable, lightweight, and durable option for those constantly on the move. There are available in 5" or 7" lengths in a wide range of colors. 

Alexander Wang x Katsu “Houndstooth Suiting Shorts” 

Price: $500
Where To Buy It: 

These houndstooth shorts from Alexander Wang is a marriage between prep and street thanks to some art provided by mixed-media artist, Katsu. What’s better than a regular smiley face? A smiley face painted by an autonomous graffiti drone. 

C2H4 Utility Exterior Pocket Shorts

Price: $270
Where To Buy It: Farfetch

Futuristic Los Angeles brand C2H4 embellishes traditional belted hiking shorts with eye-catching pockets that resemble pouches commonly seen on military cargos. 

JJJound Sweatshorts

Price: $110
Where To Buy It: JJJound

A cozy pair of sweatshorts that can tie any outfit together. And an embroidered “JJJound” logo on the leg will also gain you clout points when you post your first fit pic with these on the gram. 

1017 ALYX 9SM Sweat Shorts

Price: $245
Where To Buy It: ALYX

A simple fleece sweat short with the “1017 ALYX 9 SM” logo printed on the side that’s well accented with silver zips. I can’t wait to see Gucci Mane in these. 

Golf Wang Color Split Pleated Shorts

Price: $80
Where To Buy It: Golf Wang

A great pair of two-tone cotton twill shorts from Tyler, the Creator’s brand, Golf Wang. Olive green on the front and mocha brown on the back. The subtle leopard printed pockets are reminiscent of Tyler’s beautiful Grammy hair style last year. 

FTP Psycho Denim Shorts

Price: $58
Where To Buy It: FTP

As modeled by Steve Lacy, FTP’s “Psycho Denim” cannot be slept on. Released alongside a denim jacket, these pieces showcase the brand’s unique screenprinted graphics. These five-pocket denim shorts are available in blue or black and feature an embroidered FTP logo on the back pocket. 

Stone Island Nylon Metal Shorts

Price: $170
Where To Buy It: KITH

Despite what your Instagram homies tell you, it’s way too hot to be wearing that Nylon Metal Stone Island jacket you copped off Grailed two weeks ago. Save that for winter, fam. For now, you can flex your newfound love for Stone Island’s unique technology with these Nylon Metal shorts. Yeah, it doesn’t have that badge you’ve been drooling about. But it's shiny like a rare Charizard Pokémon card.