This year the hype for rapper toys reached an all time high when rumors that Travis Scott’s McDonald’s meal would include him as a tiny action figure started to surface. Unfortunately the meal didn’t come with a toy and instead it was awarded to five lucky winners—two of them are already attempting to resell it for millions on StockX. Although we’ll likely never be able to obtain these action figures, it got us thinking about what other great rapper toys are out there. 

It’s difficult tracing what the first real rapper toy was. No Limit Records dropped a talking Master P doll draped in army fatigues to promote P’s single "Make 'Em Say Uhh!" in 1998. Then there was a 1991 Vanilla Ice doll that looked like a sus Ken Barbie, which we honestly don’t need to remember. But thanks to the art toy movement of the 2000s, there are now plenty of artists who craft well-designed rap toys. Many of these aren’t simply rappers turned into toys, but figures  with their own creative twists that make them unique art pieces to display.

Although the hype for art and vinyl toys feels like a trend that died in the Aughts, these toys never get old. Just look at Drake’s video for “Toosie Slide,” where he shows off two 2009 KAWS “Dissected Companion” sculptures from Medicom Toy. As KAWS gained more mainstream popularity as an artist, the value of his toys skyrocketed within the past 10 years. Meaning the toys on this list may even appreciate in value within the next couple years. 

Here are the best rapper toys of all time.