Powerful imagery has always been important as it affects the way we see the world and some of our favorite artists. But the current landscape that photographers, videographers, and art directors are working within is different. Thanks to smartphones and platforms like Instagram, we are constantly bombarded with images, videos, etc., making it harder for things to cut through. On the other hand, these platforms have lent a new type of power to image makers who typically needed to be vetted by certain gatekeepers. Because of that, we are seeing more images from more perspectives, which inherently makes art better. 

We thought it was important to highlight the best 30 image makers who are creating great work and leaving their marks on history. These images, album covers, and videos will one day be source material and a guiding force for how artists like Drake, Travis Scott, Beyonce, Kid Cudi, and more are remembered years from now. Please come back throughout the week for more in depth stories from some of the image makers on the list.