Undoubtedly, ASAP Rocky had one of the most memorable looks at this year’s Met Gala, bringing to life the storied history of a handcrafted quilt by wearing it to the annual fundraising event. And now, we have a far more in-depth breakdown of the quilt’s touching journey to international acclaim.

In recent days, Instagram user @books_n_babies has opened up about the personal connection she has with the piece worn by Rocky, stating in a post that her great grandmother’s quilt was donated “to an antique/thrift store” some time ago. When she saw the Met Gala photos earlier this month, the woman added, she “realized instantly’ that the quilt had to be the same one.

“I read the [Vogue] article about the designer finding the quilt in Southern California and with his office not that far from us in Venice California, I demanded that my mom go look for the photos of it on our old bed,” she said, adding that it “looks like great grandma Mary went to the [Met Gala].”

Indeed, the recent Vogue article being mentioned here gave some insight on the Eli Russell Linnetz custom piece, which incorporated what was described as an “antique quilt” found at a thrift store. This quilt was then used as the base for the Met Gala piece, with pieces of “personal resonance” also worked into the overall look.