'Sopranos' Alum Drea de Matteo Leads Tombolo Campaign Featuring Robe Inspired by Tony’s Beloved Ducks

Drea de Matteo won an Emmy for her role as Adriana in the acclaimed HBO classic. More recently, she's seen success on OnlyFans.

Woman poses casually, feet on a checkered table, wearing plaid pants and a printed shirt, holding a teacup
Image via Tombolo
Woman poses casually, feet on a checkered table, wearing plaid pants and a printed shirt, holding a teacup

Drea de Matteo stars in a new campaign for Tombolo’s collection in celebration of the sustaining legacy of what many consider to be the greatest TV series of all time, The Sopranos.

The 15-piece collection features everything from a deceptively simple classic logo tee to pieces borrowing imagery from the fictional Satriale’s Pork Store to, in what stands as its most touching and creative inclusion, a bath robe commemorating Tony Soprano’s childlike love of ducks.

Tombolo hosted a party in New York on Wednesday night to launch the collection, which can be viewed in full here. The throwdown took place at Mulberry Street Bar and counted Heidi Gardner, Emilio Vitolo, Vanessa Fuchs, Nicky Scarlotta, Jojo Scarlotta, and x3butterfly among its roster of noteworthy attendees.

A group of people party at a nightclub. Two men, one in a patterned shirt and another in a suit, pose near a pole. Others mingle in the background
Stars posing indoors; a person wearing a red and white jacket with a horse design is outside Mulberry Street Bar and Restaurant entrance

De Matteo, who won an Emmy for her role as Adriana on the HBO classic, was photographed in New York for the new collection. Below, see a selection of campaign images, as well as get a closer look at highlights from across the collection. Fittingly, simply typing in the word "gabagool" at this link will grant you access to shop the collection. 

A woman stands in front of a red background, wearing a black sweater with stripes and "popstar" text, and striped pants. She has curly hair and red-painted nails, making expressive hand gestures
Woman smiles while wearing a white top and sporty short-sleeved jacket and shorts, with long wavy hair and glasses
A person with long curly hair wearing a pinstripe suit with a blue short-sleeve button-up shirt underneath, posing confidently while holding the jacket over one shoulder
Woman with long curly hair wearing a velour tracksuit and a white tank top, standing with a confident expression against a red background
Woman smiles in a striped outfit with brown accents, holding papers. She wears gold jewelry and has wavy hair
A denim cap with a brown suede brim, featuring "The Sopranos" logo and three bird silhouettes
Short-sleeved zip-up shirt with a martini glass embroidery on the front. It features a retro design with contrasting panels
A short-sleeved button-down shirt featuring a pattern of pigs and a grid design. The shirt also has the word "Satriale's" written on the sleeves
A vintage-style jacket with a zip-up front, featuring a red velvet body with light-colored panels and geometric embroidery on the chest

Sopranos fans will note that De Matteo has been a headlines fixture in recent months thanks to her successful move into the OnlyFans space. In fact, De Matteo credits the platform with saving her life, although her OF work hasn't been without its interfamily disagreements.

Elsewhere on the Sopranos front, last month gave fans the reveal of long-discussed but never released footage showing the late James Gandolfini reprising the Tony character for the Knicks' infamous 2010 pitch to LeBron. While the pitch, of course, was not a success, the lore surrounding the video had only grown over the years.

Notably, 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of the David Chase-created series. As a testament to its engrossing greatness, the series has continued to garner new fans across generations, all while continuing to serve as a clear inspiration for a number of present-day dramas.

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