Post Malone Nearly Lost $600,000 Diamond Down the Drain While Eating Chicken McNugget

Thankfully, Posty was able to quickly save the pricey piece from certain doom.

post malone holds mic on stage
Image via Getty/Suhaimi Abdullah
post malone holds mic on stage

There's everyday sadness, then there's diamonds-in-the-sewers sadness. One second you’re naively biting into a piece of uniformly produced poultry, the next you’re coming to terms with the realization that you may have just lost more than half a million dollars down a literal drain.

Speaking with Dave Holmes for a recent Esquire cover feature, available here, Post Malone recalled how this accessories-related hiccup played out for him. Posty was in Romę at the time, he explained, and enjoying a Chicken McNugget when he briefly became convinced he had lost his $600,000 diamond fang. 

“I had the left one in my hand, and I dropped it right into the sink hole,” Malone said of the moment of presumed terror. “I’m like, ‘Fuck, man, I’m going to have to go into the ancient Roman sewers.’"

Thankfully, Post was able to recover this “twelve-carat gem” using pliers and a plastic tripod from takeout pizza, later having the piece placed back in his mouth. Toward the end of the Esquire interview, however, it's noted that Malone had another close call while eating bread at "a beautiful steakhouse."

Austin, Post Malone's fifth studio release, rolled out this July and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart behiind Travis Scott's Utopia. Next month, the Austin-supporting If Y’all Weren’t Here I’d Be Crying Tour picks back up with shows in New Zealand and Australia.

Meanwhile, Posty's breakout hit "White Iverson"—originally released in 2016—is currently fresh off joining the billion-streams club on Spotify. Allen Iverson himself commemorated the feat, encouraging Malone to "keep that same form" throughout his career.

"The whole world loves this song and I'm honored to be a part of it," Iverson said.

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