Pharrell’s Humanrace Adds Humidifying Body Cream to Its Lineup

According to Humanrace co-founder and president Rachel Muscat, the latest release from the brand marks a "natural next step" in its journey.

This is an image of a new product from Humanrace

Image via Humanrace

This is an image of a new product from Humanrace

Pharrell WilliamsHumanracebrand is adding another new offering to its bodycare lineup.

This month, the company unveiled its new Humidifying Body Cream, which will be available starting Thursday. The product is designed to facilitate hydration, firmness, and smoothness on consumers’ skin as the intended third part of a larger bodycare process.

In a statement, Pharrell noted the value of giving attention to one’s “entire body” as part of a daily care ritual.

“Humidity brings essential moisture to the skin that you may otherwise be missing,” Pharrell, whose Black Ambition nonprofit recently launched applications for its prize competition, said. “I carve out time each morning to take care of myself and it’s important when moisturizing to not just focus on your face, but your entire body as well.”

Speaking further on the individual importance of the Humidifying Body Cream, Humanrace co-founder Rachel Muscat billed the product as the “natural next step” for the brand.

“We believe that our customers and subscribers truly understand the importance of integrating the time for a routine into their daily lives and we are eager for them to discover and incorporate this third step into their everyday bodycare ritual,” Muscat, who also serves as President of Humanrace, said.

Get a closer look at the new Humidifying Body Cream from Humanrace below. The product is listed at $54, while the Humidifying Body Cream Refill goes for $50.


In November, Humanrace began its expansion into the world of bodycare with the launch of cleansing and exfoliating Body Bars, with Pharrell himself featured in the accompanying campaign.

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