Former Adidas Exec Eric Liedtke Announces Zero-Waste Streetwear Brand UNLESS

Fashion, Liedtke says, is arguably the "second-largest polluter" on the planet. With the newly announced UNLESS brand, he's hoping to change that.


Image via UNLESS


Eric Liedtke, a key industry figure known for his work as a former executive board member and brand president for Adidas, has unveiled the plans for his latest endeavor.

The newly announced UNLESS venture sees Liedtke co-founding a new brand with a collective of execs from Adidas, Quicksilver, and the ad company R/GA. Per a press release, UNLESS aims to be the first major streetwear brand to make products that will “harmlessly decompose” at the end of their respective shelf lives. The team achieved this feat by building from a no-plastic and no-waste approach.

“Fashion is arguably the world’s second-largest polluter,” Liedtke said of the new effort, seed-round funding for which was led by Connect Ventures. “And the plastic problem keeps getting worse. With UNLESS we see a real opportunity for change. An opportunity for a better way. A way driven by cutting-edge innovation married with the desirability of streetwear. An innovative solution for consumers so they can truly feel as great as they look knowing their choices will have a positive impact on the world.”

UNLESS takes inspiration from the city of Portland and builds on the sustainability-focused work Liedtke is known for, which notably helped Adidas move into new territory with regards to materials and manufacturing.

The brand will maintain what it describes as a “zero plastic promise,” meaning—as touched on above—no waste will be left behind once a piece from the brand hits the end of the metaphorical road. Prospective buyers can look forward to a wide range of products including apparel, footwear, accessories, and more. The first drop is slated for this fall.

Below, get a glimpse at what the UNLESS team has in store for the full rollout experience. And for more info, hit their site.


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