Dapper Dan Shares Insights From His Decades of Influence in New Interview

Dapper Dan is the latest to join host Bimma Williams for an extended 'Claima Stories' interview. Here, the designer shares insights from his creative journey.

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Dapper Dan appeared on the latest episode of Claima Stories with host Bimma Williams, resulting in an expectedly insightful discussion including insight on the designer’s latest work with Puma.

“I want to elevate this,” Dan said of his intention behind the Puma pairing in the new interview, video of which is available above. “I want to give it more color … Let’s touch on my thing about logomania, but the main thing I want to do is elevate the brand. I wanna take the brand and make it more luxurious. It’s what I always did.”

Logomania also got a mention earlier into the interview, with Dan detailing how his unique creative vision has carried him though decades of fashion influence. This summation also led into some advice for young artists, including the importance of shedding the perspectives of those around you.

“I look at something the same way I did with the symbols, you know, with logomania. I look at ‘em and I see what they can be. Logomania is still the same symbols but I took them to a level where they’ve never been used like that before. The symbols didn’t change, just the way they were reflected is changed. So I tell young people, just look. Because you’re gonna reflect, your eyes are only your eyes if you free yourself up from what somebody else is thinking and just see for yourself.”

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