INSA Turns a Vintage Bentley Into an Eye-Popping GIF

INSA, best known for his animated street art, recently decked out an old school Bentley.

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There's no artist like INSA, best known for his "GIF-ITI" pieces that have animated streets everywhere, from the UK to Taiwan. Just this summer, he completed the world's largest GIF-ITI on a wall in Taipei. The massive mural is an accomplishment that's difficult to top, to be sure. INSA's latest, however, is still pretty spectacular. 

The London-based artist decided to refurbish an old Bentley for his most recent work, painting varying layers of red candy stripes onto the blue car—or is it a red car with blue stripes?—photographing each stage of the process, and then digitally arranging the photos into a motion image.

As with all of the artist's works, the car exists as a GIF only on the Internet, but you can watch the pimped-out car come to life in the palm of your hand with INSA's GIF-ITI VIEWER too.


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