For years, street artist INSA has been painting and repainting murals so that he could photograph them in stages and create animated GIFs of his work known as GIF-iti. Taking the unique practice to the next level, INSA recently launched a mobile app called INSA's GIF-ITI VIEWER that uses augmented reality technology allows you to see the graffiti move in the palm of your hand through your cell phone's camera.



Some passers by today getting psyched on my new GIF-ITI App. And a sneak preview of the latest creation painted on Redchurch Street- London. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ The APP is in the App Store now. Just search 'GIF-ITI' or go to WWW.GIF-ITI.COM for more info. #hype #TheFuture #gifiti #gif #INSA

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The app won't work on all murals, obviously, but it is still very cool and unlike anything else on your phone, so you should download it immediately from the Apple store.

As a bonus, check out this timelapse video of INSA creating a GIF-iti mural for the band, Portugal. The Man: