Exclusive: Timberland Launches Innovative New Digital Experience With Fat Joe

Here’s your first look at Timberland’s TimbsTrails, a new gamified digital experience honoring the brand’s roots featuring Fat Joe. Click to play and learn more

Timberland Fat Joe Exclusive

Image via Rich Jospitre/Timberland

Timberland Fat Joe Exclusive

There’s no single way to break down Timberland’s influence. The boot and apparel brand has made a major global impact, especially in fashion and music, and it’s only getting stronger. Now Timberland is a digital innovator too. In a Complex exclusive, we’re excited to announce the launch of Timberland’s TimbsTrails, a new gamified digital experience featuring the Bronx’s Fat Joe that drops tomorrow. TimbsTrails traces the brand’s past, present, and future, offering users opportunities to learn and explore.

“We wouldn’t be anything without the communities that adopted us into culture in places like New York City and London… they made our boot an icon,” Timberland’s Vice President of Global Marketing Drieke Leenknegt explained to Complex. From traveling back to NYC in the ’90s all the way to jumping to the future for a glimpse at Timberland’s plans for leaving a sustainable legacy, TimbsTrails gives fans the chance to step into a special world that can be played on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. 

“TimbsTrails got me reminiscing about my connection to the boot all these years, and thinking about the future,” Fat Joe added. “You can find me on the trail, telling stories about New York City in the ’90s — the style, the music, the fashion. The Hip Hop style in those days was baggy jeans, gold chains, puffy jackets and a pair of Timbs. And some things — like rocking a Timberland boot — never change or go out of style.” 

In total, TimbsTrails features six chapters highlighting key parts of Timberland’s history. At each level, you can learn more about popular styles such as the Original Yellow Boot and the newer Timberloop Trekker City Hiker. Plus, users who successfully complete the journey will be eligible to win a variety of prizes including gift cards, Timberland’s newest GreenStride boots, and more.  

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“It’s quite a journey to see the evolution of bootmaking innovation and how it has progressed over the years,” Leenknegt shared. “It’s all connected — from 1973 to today — and we continue to push the brand forward every day.”

In an ever-evolving world, Timberland welcomes changing and growing with its customers. With that said, kick back and let the games begin on Timberland.comand via select wholesale partners across the US, UK, and select countries to come. 

“The consumer lives seamlessly in all these environments… in the real world, in the digital world, and in the meta,” Leenknegt pointed out. “There’s no distance anymore between these three kinds of realities… so for us, our mission is to be where they are. And to interact and to engage as a brand in these spaces… and to do that journey with them together.” 

Following this release, TimbsTrails will continue to be refreshed each season with the brand’s latest drops. Play smart, bookmark the site and check back tomorrow for the official premiere of TimbsTrails.

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