Some of February’s Biggest Jewelry Purchases From Yeat, Kendrick Lamar, Ja Morant, and More

From Yeat's new pendant by Alex Moss to Kendrick Lamar's Tiffany and Co. pieces, here are some of the best celebrity jewelry purchases of February 2023.

Who Is Yeat? Everything You Need to Know About the Rapper

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Who Is Yeat? Everything You Need to Know About the Rapper

The icy conditions weren’t limited to the outdoors in February. Some of our favorite celebrities were dropping some serious money on custom ice of their own. Many of us won’t ever be able to shell out six figures to own our own one-of-one diamond necklace. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still cool to see some of the creative custom pieces being crafted by some of the most renowned jewelers in the world for our favorite celebrities.

Some of the highlights from the past month included Yeat copping some new ice to mark the release of his album, Kendrick Lamar decked out in Tiffany and Co. on the Grammys stage, and Super Bowl champion Isiah Pacheco further solidifying his nickname by spelling it out in diamonds.  Take a closer look at some of the biggest celebrity jewelry purchases from December 2022 below.

Jeweler: Alex Moss

Yeat decided to celebrate his latest album Aftërlyfe (you recognize that amazing cover art?) and his 23rd birthday with a new piece from Alex Moss. The piece has reportedly been worked on by Moss for the past six months. Its features 47.3 carats in VVS diamonds, 7 carats in emeralds, and 3.2 carats in rubies. The design incorporates three skulls surrounded by three crosses. A special mechanism has been installed to switch the eyes from emerald to rubies based on Yeat’s mood. This one is going to look perfect around Yeat’s neck next to his Tonka piece. Awhoooo.

Kendrick Lamar's Grammys Jewelry

Kendrick Lamar is pictured holding a Grammys trophy

Jeweler: Icebox

Ja Morant keeps adding to his jewelry collection. During NBA All-Star Weekend, Nike gifted the superstar guard his latest pieces from Atlanta’s Icebox. The pendant, an expensive interpretation of the logo for Morant’s Nike signature line, was delivered in a custom quilted leather box. Along with the pendant came a beaded black and diamond chain and upcoming colorway of the Ja 1 inspired by his penchant for flashy jewelry complete with a Swarovski Swoosh to mimic his flashy diamonds. We’ve seen players like PJ Tucker been dubbed the sneaker king of the NBA for his insane collection. Is Morant the NBA ice king?

Jeweler: Leo Khusro

Leo Khusro has become a go-to for plenty of NFL clients. You may have seen some of his pieces on superstars like Justin Jefferson and Joe Burrow. But his list of athlete clients runs deep. One of the more recent customers he’s acquired is Kansas City Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco. For his first custom piece, Pacheco decided to immortalize his nickname “Pop” with diamonds and gold. To add some extra pop (no pun intended), Khusro added a shimmering version of Taz from Looney Tunes, complete with a pink enamel tongue, atop Pacheco’s nickname. To the dismay of the Eagles fan writing this, Pacheco will also be receiving some more diamond-encrusted hardware in a few months when he receives his first Super Bowl ring.

Jeweler: Benny the Jeweler

You may have heard Benny the Jeweler’s name recently because of the signature pendant he created for bubbling rapper Ice Spice. But the “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” artist isn’t the only New York City rapper that Benny the Jeweler has been crafting new pieces for. One of his other recent custom pendants was for Ice Spice collaborator Lil Tjay. He crafted him a pendant of his Trench Kid character drenched in 93 carats of VVS diamonds. It included details like a red Trench Kid chain around its neck, a red Richard Mille watch around his wrist to match the one that Lil Tjay owns, a ski mask, a bag of money, and even red bottom sneakers. All of the enamel elements of the piece glow in the dark. According to an Instagram post debuting the chain, the piece costs $100,000. 

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