A$AP Rocky Abruptly Ended a Show After a Fan Stole His Supreme Hat

The lengths people will go to get close to a rapper.

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Never mess with a man's personal belongings, especially if they happen to be limited, hard-to-find Supreme hats. A sea of fans in Dortmund, Germany found this lesson out the hard way. A$AP Rocky was in town for the night, and performing his verse to the "Work" remix, as he cut the music the short.

"I came to party with y'all, who got my shit man?" Rocky questioned the crowd, "Give my hat so I can go, that's a one-of-a-kind hat."

Rocky stayed insistent, he just wanted his hat back. "Give my shit, all I want is my shit," the rapper told the crowd, "I'm not making a big deal out of it, I just want shit back and continue to party."

We would be mad, too. Rocky revealed the hat was very rare indeed, "That's a Supreme hat, I got my shit from back in the day," Rocky said. He gave the crowd an ultimatum: "It's either that, or i'm not partying in this motherfucker no more."

However, Rocky's cap was not returned and he hit the fans with an abrupt statement: "Germany, it's been good. Thank you, I'm out this bitch. Peace!"

We've seen Rocky wear a lot of Supreme lately, so it's not shocking that he performed in the streetwear brand's hat. It just sucks that one over-zealous fan had to ruin a dope show for the whole crowd.

[via Hip-Hop DX]

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