How to Wear Denim Tears According to ASAP Rocky, Fat Joe, Cardi B, and More

If you just got new Denim Tears apparel or some 'Cotton Wreaths' consider checking out this guide to see how celebs wear or style them.


Now that the crisp autumn air is here to stay, it’s officially cold enough to comfortably wear jeans, hoodies, and sweatpants without overheating. If the first couple weeks of fall have shown us anything, it’s that Denim Tears is truly flooding the streets. 

Granted that Denim Tears’ ongoing collaboration with Levi’s has been hot since it was first introduced in 2020, the brand’s popularity hit a new crest this year when it began releasing hoodies and sweatpants decorated with its Cotton Wreaths. Nowadays, it feels like everyone is wearing either the brand’s jeans and sweatsuits. The hype for Denim Tears has led its apparel to sell out in seconds online and its chaotic pop-ups to be shut down by police in New York. Founder Tremaine Emory has truly created a logo that’s coveted by the masses. But it’s also powerful, since the Cotton Wreath is inspired by America’s historic ties to the slave trade and the cotton industry. “The whole idea is to have as many people wearing something that represents the plight of the African diaspora,” Emory explained in an interview with Complex. 

Naturally, Denim Tears has resonated with many prominent celebs, who have all styled the Cotton Wreaths and other notable releases from the brand in their own unique ways. And now that Offset has just released a Denim Tears collaboration with Cotton Wreath Levi’s that could be pre-ordered for the first time, it’s likely that many of us will have our first pair coming in the mail soon. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to style Denim Tears, here’s how some of our favorite celebrities wear it.

Cardi B and Offset

Kerwin Frost

ASAP Rocky

Bloody Osiris

Odell Beckham Jr.

Lil Uzi Vert

Marc Jacobs

Joey Badass

Fat Joe


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