UPDATE: Where to Buy The Best Face Masks Right Now

As states begin to relax on COVID-19 restrictions, it’s still wise to wear a mask. From Profound to BBC, here are the best designer & streetwear face masks.

Best Face Masks to Buy Right Now
Ralph Lauren

Image via Ralph Lauren

Best Face Masks to Buy Right Now

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, face masks have become a ubiquitous part of our daily dress. The World Health Organization officially endorsed the use of face masks to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Scientific research has also supported the use of face masks to protect others. It is still mandatory by law to wear one in some states, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended all Americans to wear some sort of facial coverings in public settings. Yes, there are now vaccines and cases are falling. But even as states begin to relax on COVID-19 restrictions, it’s still wise to continue wearing masks because this pandemic is not over.

There is still a great shortage of N95 masks and PPE. These masks should still be exclusively reserved for healthcare professionals and not hoarded by civilians or opportunists. Besides, even if you do find a N95 mask on eBay, it’s highly likely that it’s a counterfeit. Thankfully, there are still plenty of brands out there producing cloth masks that are widely available. A lot of these brands selling masks online even have initiatives in place to raise money for non-profits and donate to professional healthcare facilities to further the ongoing battle against COVID-19. And with the rise of more contagious COVID-19 variants, it’s important to know that double masking a surgical mask with a cloth mask could greatly reduce the risk of catching the disease. 

We recommend staying home as much as you can above everything. But if you need a mask, and still want to look a little stylish when you leave the house, then we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the brands doing their part in providing such an essential item during this global pandemic below. Also, PLEASE make sure to wear it the right way.

The North Face Face Mask 

The North Face Face Mask

Where to Buy It: thenorthface.com
Price: $30-$40

The North Face has recently released three different face masks that you can purchase now. The “TNF Travel Kit” includes a face mask made with a stretch-woven fabric and a travel pouch. The “Class V Mask” features adjustable ear loops, a nose strip for enhanced comfort and stability, and folded construction for optimized coverage. The “TNF Nano Mask” is the brand’s most breathable option since it is constructed using The North Face’s Futurelight nano-spun technology. It also features adjustable ear loops and paneled construction.

Garrett Leight Shield + Gaiter Face Mask

Garett Leight

Where to Buy It: garrettleight.com
Price: $200 

Garett Leight has reimagined its Hampton and Harding sunglasses as translucent nylon shields that feature anti-reflective coating in four different colors. The sleek, sport-inspired, and tinted sunglasses feature a matching gaiter that boasts antimicrobial and UV repellent properties. The set delivers full coverage to keep your neck and face protected from the elements. For those looking for a bit more protection, Garrett Leight also has a range of PPE offerings such as plastic face shields and traditional face masks. 

Benni Face Masks

Benni Face Masks

Where to Buy It: shop.bennimask.com
Price: $34

Benni face masks are constructed out of a performance fabric made of polyester and nylon for stretch and comfort. It is enhanced with nanofibers to make the fabric antibacterial, odor resistant, and moisture wicking. The face masks are also constructed with less stitches so that they are ultra lightweight, minimal, and less irritating to sensitive skin.

Polo Ralph Lauren Face Masks 

Polo Ralph Lauren Face Mask

Where to Buy It: ralphlauren.com
Price: $20-$30

Polo Ralph Lauren has released a range of face masks bearing its iconic horse logo. Ralph Lauren’s “Cotton Cloth Mask” model is constructed out of the brand’s signature, soft shirting. The four-layer construction provides 80% particle filtration with an inner lining of antimicrobial-treated cotton to preserve fabric freshness, two layers of non-woven filtration, and a breathable outer layer. Elastic ear straps and an adjustable nose bridge ensure a tight fit for the wearer’s face. Another option available is the “Filtration Mask,” which boasts an antimicrobial-treated polyester shell, cotton inner lining to preserve fabric freshness, and a replaceable microporous filter with a replacement indicator. This mask features an adjustable head strap, ear loops, and nose bridge for a comfortable fit.

Balenciaga Face Mask

Balenciaga Face Masks

Where to Buy It: balenciaga.com
Price: App. $113

Balenciaga has released a “Care Mask” that is constructed out of a knitted and breathable technical fabric. It features a water repellant finish, adjustable nose wires, and a white Balenciaga logo printed by the chin. 

John Elliott Tie-Dyed Face Masks

John Elliott Tie Dye Mask

Where to Buy It:johnelliott.com
Price: $65

John Elliott continues to deliver his own array of stylish face mask options. The latest drop offers three-pack with each option displaying its own unique, hand-dyed look in multiple colors. Elliott is also continuing his donations to the UCLA Health Research & Education. 10 percent of sales will be donated to the organization.

Billionaire Boys Club Masks

BBC Face Mask

Where to Buy It:bbcicecream.com
Price: $20

Billionaire Boys Club has released a range of face masks. Each purchase will result in partial proceeds being donated to local New York City Housing Authority rent subsidization efforts.

Stephen Powers + Art Mask

ESPO Art Mask

Where to Buy It:plus-art-mask.spec-sitateru.com
Price: ¥2,980 (app. $28)

Iconic artist Stephen Powers (better known as ESPO) has collaborated with +Art Mask to release a special face mask design. The “Only For You” mask comes in a handful of colors. Powers describes it as such: “The meaning of ‘Only For You’ is that wearing a mask is a selfless act meant to help others. many people feel wearing a mask is an act of fear, when it’s really an act of love.”


Vast Face Mask

Where to Buy It:vastlife.com
Price: $30

Los Angeles-based label Vast has releases four colorways of its own face mask design. Each one-piece, water repellent mask features a tan base with different colors used for the trim and strings like coral, black, and blue. The inner layer of each is constructed of recycled Vast T-shirts. 

Leah Kirsch Tie-Dye Masks

Leah Kirsch Mask

Where to Buy It:leahkirsch.com
Price: $22

Leah Kirsch’s eponymous women’s streetwear label is selling an array of tie-dyed face masks in colors like red, purple, black, and pearl. Each coincides with matching apparel like cropped T-shirts, shorts, and hoodies. Each mask purchased will result in one being donated to a worker in need.

King Ice x Death Row Records

King Ice x Death Row Records Face Mask

Where to Buy It:kingice.com
Price: $15

As part of its collaboration with Death Row Records, King Ice has released its own face masks. The style is available in white, black, red, or blue and features a a sublimated Death Row logo on the side.


Profound Face Masks

Where to Buy: profoundco.com
Price: $25

Faraz Zaidi’s Profound Co. has taken a more stylish approach to face masks for anyone still trying to get a fit off during quarantine. Six different styles are currently being offered on the brands online store that range from paisley to floral prints. Partial proceeds from the purchase of each cotton mask are being donated to International Refugee Committee, an organization aiding refugee families displaced from their homes and those living in overpopulated areas that have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Profound is also providing funds to organizations that provide N95 masks to healthcare works in the New York/New Jersey area.

Ball and Buck

Buck and Ball Face Mask

Where to Buy:ballandbuck.com
Price: $20

Outdoor apparel company Ball and Buck has fittingly crafted camouflage masks to sell during the COVID-19 pandemic. For every mask purchased, the brand will donate one to a hospital in need. 

Standard Issue

Standard Issue Face Mask

Where to Buy:standardissuetees.com
Price: $15

Jimmy Gorecki’s brand Standard Issue is known for producing some of the coziest sweatpants around, but the pro skater-turned-designer is currently using his platform to provide masks to the general public in this time of need. He created an original run of masks using repurposed T-shirt materials that features a pouch on the inside for disposable filters. It was donated to a local medical facility in Whittier, California. The masks are also currently available via the brand’s web store in packs of three. Anyone who spends over $100 will receive them for free with their purchase. 

Buck Mason 

Where to Buy:buckmason.com
Price: $20

The Los Angeles clothing brand is currently taking pre-orders for packs of five cloth masks. The masks are made out of washable antimicrobial jersey cotton and colors will vary. For every mask sold, one will also be donated to needy communities in California and the rest of the country. The brand’s first production run of 10,000 masks will be finished within two weeks and promptly donated. Those who support Buck Mason’s cause will have their masks shipped out on the week of May 4th. A bulk order of 250 masks is also available for $1,000. If you would like to recommend a hospital or organization for Buck Mason to donate masks to, there is a Google form you can fill out here

Daniel Patrick

Daniel Patrick Face Mask

Where to Buy:danielpatrick.us
Price: $25

You may remember Daniel Patrick from his adidas collaboration at Complexcon Long Beach last year. Now, he’s released a range of colorful cloth face masks for sale. Each mask is $25 and anyone who spends over $50 on Patrick’s website will receive one for free. The masks are made out of cotton and come in seven colorways. 


Goodfight Face Mask

Where to Buy: gdfht.com
Price: $30 

Goodfight is currently selling face masks for $30. Each mask features an inner sleeve, which is designed to accommodate a replaceable filter or a N-95. For each mask sold, Goodfight will also donate a mask to local institutions in need of personal protection equipment. The sales from this mask will go towards local laborers, equipment for healthcare and essential business workers, and members of Goodfight’s teams—specifically income for the brand’s contractors who have been hit the hardest. 

Artifact Bags

Artifact Bag Face Mask

Where to Buy: artifactbags.com
Price: $18

The American bag manufacturer Artifact Bags will be selling cloth masks for $18. The masks have a pocket slit for removable filters, cotton ties for repeated washes and comfort, and a rubber coated wire nose piece for a closer fit.

Ki Collection Face Masks

Ki Collection Face Masks

Price: $9-$24
Where to Buy It: shopkicollection.com

Brooklyn-based designer Kiki Pedro-Hall is selling masks sewn by hand. Masks with plaid, bandana, and floral patterns are available with accessories. 

The Hundreds

The Hundreds Face Masks

Where to Buy: thehundreds.com
Price: $19

The Hundreds has released two face masks designs of its own. One option is covered in the streetwear brand’s signature Adam Bomb logo, while the second mimics a black bandana with a paisley pattern and The Hundreds script branding. 25-percent of the profits will be donated to The Street Vendor Emergency Fund to aid Los Angeles food cart workers who have been affected by the pandemic. 

Bravado Artist Branded Face Masks 

Bravado Face Mask Program

Where to Buy: wegotyoucoverednow.com
Price: $15

Bravado, the merchandise division of Universal Music Group, has released a collection of protective face masks featuring the names and logos of music’s biggest stars. The drop is part of the brand’s WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED initiative, which aims to support those affected by the global health crisis. All net proceeds will go towards MusiCares.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Face Mask

Where to Buy: brooksbrothers.com
Price: $20-$300

The United States’ oldest men’s clothier has released masks made with their own special fabric. Brooks Brothers’ face masks are made in the USA and use a lightweight non-woven material that filters 95 percent of particles based on FDA-required filtration-efficiency testing. The company claims that this fabric was developed with a leading university to provide superior protection with high breathability. The cheapest option is a pack of five masks which are being sold for $20. 



Where to Buy: rokit.one
Price: $15

Rokit has released masks that stay true to its street basketball and skateboard aesthetic. The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand is currently selling several different mask options for $15 each. They are made out of a heavyweight cotton jersey. 

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers Best Face Masks to Buy Right Now

Where to Buy: rowingblazers.com
Price: $25

For those looking for a preppy and stylish face mask, Rowing Blazers has got you covered. The masks are made from leftover blazer, suiting, and shirting fabric scraps. Rowing Blazers will donate one mask to the NYC Food Bank for every mask sold. 

Collina Strada

Collina Strada Face Mask

Where to Buy: collinastrada.com
Price: $70-$150

Collina Strada has released a range of fashionable face masks. The purchase of one face covering will also provide three to Seeding Sovereignty.

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