Kanye West Debuts Yeezy Season 6 With an Army of Kim Kardashian Clones

It's Yeezy Season, baby.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Looks like Kanye West is up to something. Since December, Kim Kardashian has been debuting nearly every piece of Ye's upcoming fashion line, Yeezy Season 6, through a series of highly orchestrated candid shots (yup, the oxymoron is deliberate) shared on her Twitter and Instagram feeds. 

The photos, styled by Carine Roitfeld, featured some of Yeezy’s signature athleisure looks in low-key, monochrome hues and chunky dad sneakers. Kim was seen doing a variety of fairly mundane things: getting out of a car, walking from said car, walking out of a building, walking to and from various locations, and even getting a McDonald’s ice cream.

Last night, a mob of Kardashian family friends, celebrities and other online influencers shared their own photos, modeling the same outfits Kim did in the original photo campaign in the same exact poses and with the same makeup and long icy platinum hair. The result was an army of Kim clones partaking in one of the most unique fashion promos we’ve seen in awhile.

The Kim clones included some relatively familiar faces for those familiar with the Kardashians, like Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods and Yeezy Season 4 model Amina Blue. Abigail Ratchford, model for Playboy and Maxim, model and Jaden Smith's ex Sarah Snyder, as well as Bad Girls Club were involved, among many others. But one of the most surprising additions to the alternative ad campaign was Kim’s former employer, Paris Hilton. Kim even shared her photos on her own Twitter account, calling Hilton “the OG”.

The idea behind the campaign is certainly another innovative move by the genius of Kanye West, but some experts believe the move may also be illegal. According to The Fashion Law, posting the photos without clearly indicating that they were ads is a violation of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laws. "There is a very good chance most consumers have no idea that any of the imagery is actually part of a formal ad campaign (and that all of the models are being compensated in some way to post these images on their accounts)," the site argued. "That was the point of the Yeezy photos, after all." No word yet on if these photos and models will spark even more publicity by being slapped with an FTC lawsuit, though.

Until then, check out a selection of other Yeezy 6 Kim Clone photos below.

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