Luh Tyler Got Iced-Out Timmy Turner and Other 'Fairly OddParents' Characters From Icebox

The 18-year-old is paying tribute to the Nickelodeon cartoon in an expensive way.

Prince Williams / WireImage

Luh Tyler loves The Fairly OddParents so much that he got diamond-encrusted jewelry dedicated to the Nickelodeon cartoon series.

Jewelry brand Icebox made the Tallahassee rapper three chains dedicated to the show, including a Timmy Turner pendant made with 63 carats, reportedly worth $135,000, and a chain link with Cosmo and Wanda.

Tyler shopped with Icebox during a visit with Loe Shimmy and Trapland Pat last year, where he bought his first bust-down Rolex and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the space. Since then, 18-year-old Tyler's jewelry collection has grown exorbitantly, with him purchasing flossy chains from Diamond Talk and gold grills from Gleeful Grillz.

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Hip-hop has shown love to The Fairly OddParents before—ask Desiigner—and Tyler has specifically namedropped Timmy Turner, like in his 2023 song "Jayda Wayda." "Do it just like Timmy Turner, poof a n***a like it's magic/Bitch I'm tryna get that money, run it up and then I bag it," he rapped.

In a chat with HipHopDX, Tyler got into his fandom of the show, which began airing in 2001. "Yeah, I watched that shit—still watch that shit. Put that shit on, watch it," he told the outlet. "It just be on, just like SpongeBob."

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