Telfar Designs White Castle's New Uniforms to Celebrate Restaurant's 100th Birthday

White Castle and New York-based fashion brand Telfar have teamed up to deliver new uniforms to commemorate the fast-food restaurant's 100th birthday.


Image via Publicist


Telfar has joined forces with White Castle in a new and unique collaboration to put their signature style on the fast-food restaurant’s uniform to commemorate its 100th birthday.

White Castle has hit a century, and Telfar stepped in to make sure its birthday is celebrated in style. 10,000 White Castle employees will be rocking a wide assortment of pieces designed by Telfar, including a T-shirt, polo shirt, apron, visor, and a silk durag. The durag was included because of a large majority of employees requesting it, and it will be the first time White Castle has offered any type of hair accessory in the uniform. 

“We wanted something special for our 100th birthday that captures the authentic spirit of White Castle and, as always, TELFAR came through for us,” White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson said in a statement. “TELFAR has taken our uniform to a new place, creating something that’s distinctive, attractive, and comfortable, and something our team members will feel great in whether they’re at work or hanging out with friends and family.”

Telfar and White Castle have actually linked in the past, with founder Telfar Clemons being a fan of the fast-food spot and had them sponsor his fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

“White Castle supported us before our success and we consider them family,” Telfar creative director Babak Radboy said. “Their team would serve Sliders backstage at all our shows and were basically part of our team. It’s still the only thing open after midnight in TELFAR’s hood — seeing our uniforms there means something to us, and so we take it personally.”

Along with the employees' collection, Telfar will also be releasing a collection to the public that includes hoodies, tees, and other pieces. Check out the Telfar x White Castle durag and other pieces from the collection down below.



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