Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God Teams up With Union, Just Don, and More for T-shirt to Help George Floyd's Daughter

Jerry Lorenzo unveiled a new Fear of God t-shirt in partnership with several other streetwear brands, meant to honor the life and legacy of George Floyd.

jerry lorenzo

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jerry lorenzo

Following the murder of George Floyd, numerous celebrities have used their platforms to donate money and resources towards his family and other relevant causes.

On Thursday morning, Jerry Lorenzo announced his own such plans by unveiling a new Fear of God t-shirt that he designed in partnership with several other streetwear brands, with the proceeds set to go towards the Gianna Floyd Fund, which is meant to support Floyd's young daughter.

Lorenzo shared a heartfelt message on Instagram along with a first look at the new tee. In it, he described how Floyd's death has affected him in his own personal life, and why he felt like it was important for him to make this new piece a reality. 

He also talked about how he credits so much of his success to his father, and that since Gianna Floyd will now have to grow up without one, the least he can do is try to help provide a life for her where she won't have financial strain.

"We can never become for her what was lost, but we can help fill a small hole in her life by providing one thing she may not have to worry about," Lorenzo wrote in the caption. "As we did for my brother nipsey when he passed, we mourned for him and stood strong in support of the generation after him. standing with my friends, minority and small business owners, tmrw at 9am pst on @fearofgod ‘s instagram channel, we’ll be releasing limited GF tees, with all money raised going the Gianna Floyd Fund."

"George, you 'changed the world' and your life is an example your daughter will forever look up to and be changed by," he wrote.

The tee comes in black with a metallic silver "GF" on the front chest, which is meant to symbolize both George Floyd and Gianna Floyd, as well as the names of all the streetwear companies that partnered to bring it together including Union, Noah, Just Don, Pyer Moss, and several others.

The new Fear of God George Floyd tee will be available tomorrow at 9 a.m. via the Fear of God Instagram.

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