The First Digital NFT Home Is Now Up for Sale

Contemporary artist Krista Kim has created the first-ever digital NFT home complete with a soundtrack by Jeff Schroeder. It's now on sale at Superrare.

Non-fungible tokens are taking over the digital art world and now contemporary artist Krista Kim’s newest project is featuring the world’s first digital NFT home.

Named Mars House, the abode’s visual effects emit a calming atmosphere. Kim also furnished her virtual house with vibrant and sleek neon and iridescent-colored pieces. These items can also exist IRL: most of the furniture can be constructed in real life by glass-furniture makers in Italy and by using MicroLED screen technology. Kim also partnered with Jeff Schroeder of the Smashing Pumpkins to make the crypto home’s peaceful soundtrack.

Kim has previously collaborated with brands like Lamborghini and Lanvin, and recently entered the NFT space while she was quarantining. “In the near future, we will live in an AR/VR world, digital art, architecture, cars, fashion, pets, etc,” Kim told Architectural Digest.

Kim also believes those who own NFT artworks should project them in their homes. “Everyone should install an LED wall in their house for NFT art,” she told the publication. “This is the future, and Mars House demonstrates the beauty of that possibility.” 

There have already been some noteworthy moments in the NFT sphere, with digital artist Beeple selling his virtual piece Everydays – The First 5000 Days for a record-breaking $69 million at Christie’s auction house. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also listed the first-ever tweet in history, which is going for millions of dollars.

Kim’s Mars House was listed for sale on Superrare on March 15.

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