Sofía Jirau Is the First Victoria's Secret Model With Down Syndrome: 'Every Dream Can Come True'

Sofía Jirau, a 24-year-old model/activist from Puerto Rico, is one of 17 women to star in the Victoria's Secret Love Cloud collection campaign.

Sofía Jirau made history this week by becoming the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome.

The 24-year-old from Puerto Rico was tapped to star in the brand’s Love Cloud collection campaign, which aims to “reinforce Victoria’s Secret’s commitment to welcoming and celebrating all women.” 

The model/activist described the milestone as “a dream come true” on Instagram and said she hopes it’ll remind others that anything is possible

“I want to tell the whole world that people with my condition, Down syndrome, inside and out, we have no limits,” Jirau told NBC News. “People who have Down syndrome like me are capable of getting a job, creating their own business, and working hard like me.”

Sofía Jirau began modeling three years ago and made her New York Fashion Week debut in early 2020. Since then, she has continued to use her platform to encourage others—particularly those with Down syndrome—to pursue their dreams.

“I’ll tell everyone to just dream. To dream, because every dream can come true,” Jirau continued. “You have to work hard, you have to work very hard, and more. My next dream is modeling in Europe, Paris and Italy.”

The Love Cloud campaign is part of Victoria’s Secret rebranding initiative that emphasizes inclusivity and diversity. Other campaign stars include trans model Valentina Sampaio; Celilo Miles, an indigenous wildland firefighter; accessories designer Sylvia Buckler; and actress/model Hailey Bieber.

“Love Cloud Collection is a major moment in the brand’s evolution,” said Raúl Martinez, head creative director of Victoria’s Secret. “From the cast of incredible women that bring the collection to life, to the incredible inclusive spirit on set, this campaign is an important part of the new Victoria’s Secret standard we are creating.”

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