Livestream Virgil Abloh's First-Ever Louis Vuitton Show at Paris Fashion Week

Virgil Abloh will debut his inaugural Louis Vuitton collection in Paris today. The event comes just months after he was appointed as the LV men's artistic director.

One of the most highly anticipated events of this season’s Paris Fashion Week is going down right now.

Virgil Abloh, the man behind the wildly popular Off-White brand, will debut his first-ever collection as Louis Vuitton’s men's artistic director. You can check out the Spring/Summer 2019 show via the livestream above or at the label’s official website.

Thursday’s event is a monumental moment not only for Abloh, but the entire fashion industry. The 37-year-old creative became LV’s first black artistic director within the label’s 164-year history. His historic appointment was announced back in March, just a couple of months after his predecessor Kim Jones confirmed he was leaving the position.

Shortly before Abloh first-ever show for LV, he spoke to WWD about his new role with the luxury label and what today’s event meant to him.

“To me, this is like my first show. Everything was sort of leading up to this. This is ‘life’s work’ territory, to distill, to be metaphoric in a poetic way,” he said, before comparing the show to Martin Margiela’s game-changing debut. “For me it’s the same, but I gotta find myself, so this is myself on display and it’s simply about letting people see my silhouette.”

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