Cam'ron Shows Off Diamond Dipset Chain He Got for Kevin Durant

Dipset member Jim Jones weighed in on the extravagant gift via Instagram: "[KD] got the city on his back. He deserve the Eagle. He been Dipset."


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Being friends with Cam’ron comes with some major perks. Just ask 11-time All-Star Kevin Durant.

On Thursday night, Cam hit up Instagram to unveil the extravagant gift he recently purchased for the Brooklyn Nets forward. It was a massive chain with an iced-out Diplomats emblem, similar to the ones worn by Cam and his fellow Dipset members. The post was shared just hours before the Nets took on the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

“Ya chain is done family,” the Harlem rapper wrote in the caption, which credited the creation to Avianne & Co. Jewelers.

The Diplomats co-founder Jim Jones took to the comments section to give his stamp of approval, writing: “[KD] got the city on his back. He deserve the Eagle. He been Dipset.”

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Cam and KD have continued to show love to one another over the past several years. The two shared some kind words for each other during 2017’s NBA All-Star Weekend.

Cam also penned a lengthy note for KD in June 2019, after the athlete suffered an injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

“We live in a era where players put money, contracts and they’re health first. (As they should) but just to see Kevin Durant take the floor last night was special ...” he wrote at the time. “Now that he got hurt, some people are going to say he shouldn’t of played. (You’re damned if you do, Damned if u don’t) Because of so much media (social, internet, television) the narrative changes every 2hrs … But u can’t please everyone all the time. And I just want to thank KD for trying to put forth a effort that doesn’t happen anymore.”

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