This Uncomfortable Two-Legged Chair Will Make You Healthier

Designer Benoit Malta provides us with some bearable discomfort with a two-legged chair that's actually healthier for you.

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The world is full of uncomfortable life hacks, from standing desks to mobile alarm clocks. Parisian designer Benoit Malta, has created yet another purposefully uncomfortable design called Inactivité, a chair with only two legs that stimulates different parts of the body, aiming to reduce health issues. Malta worked with physical therapists, ergonomists, cabinet-makers, and craftsmen to develop the chair, which was shaped using laminated beech and a three-axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine.

"Inactivity seems to be the disease of today,” says Malta in a press release. His project aims to prevent stagnant postures and to promote mobility. Inactivité is not yet available for purchase, but stay tuned for more updates on the project through Benoit Malta's website. 

[via PSFK]

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