Watch Out, Diesel’s New Collection Will Push You Out of Your Style Comfort Zone

Diesel’s fall 2021 watch and jewelry collection features bold pieces that will bring out your inner urban punk. Shop the urban punk-inspired items here.

Diesel Urban Punk Collection
Image via Diesel
Diesel Urban Punk Collection

Clothes are the base of every outfit, but accessories set the mood and add flavor. In the case of Diesel’s new watch and jewelry collection, that mood is effortlessly cool and confident. The pieces were designed to bring out your inner urban punk, a bold aesthetic that isn’t afraid to break the rules. 

Complete with iridescent colors, leather studs, and more, Diesel held nothing back with this collection. One thing’s for sure, these aren’t your average accessories. But don’t worry, there’s no reason to feel intimidated. As you’ll see below, these silhouettes have a way of elevating your go-to closet staples. Scroll and see all the ways these small accessories can make a big impact in your everyday fits.

The Not-So-Classic Canadian Tuxedo

Diesel Clusher Griffed Watches

Clusher /// $495 | Griffed /// $345

Denim on denim outfits prove you can never have too much of a good thing. And Diesel echoes that with the prominent colorblocked face on its Clusher watch and the maximalist yellow and black stripe on its Griffed strap. Take your cues from Diesel and remember there are no limits on style.

Bigger Is Better

Diesel Baby Chief Mr Daddy Watches

Baby Chief /// $345 | Mr. Daddy /// $495

Let the oversized Baby Chief or Mr. Daddy watch be the star of your next look. As you can see here, bigger is better. Whether it’s a leather jacket or a comfy T-shirt, this Diesel watch is the ultimate finishing touch that’s guaranteed to pump up your style.

Throw On a Dog Tag

Diesel Dog Tags

DX1314 /// $105

A tee alone may not turn heads, but adding Diesels’ shiny silver DX1314 dog tags to the mix can change your look completely, adding a dash polished-yet-punk verve to this basic. So, if an extra edge is what you’re looking for, these tags are the way to go.

Subtle Steel

Diesel Accessories

DX1309 /// $105 | DX1310 /// $95

Soft sweaters are a fall essential. To make them stand out, we recommend juxtaposing that cozy weave with hard, stainless steel bracelets. You can layer Diesel’s DX1309 and DX1310 on top of one another or wear them on their own. Go ahead and make a statement like never before. 


Diesel Rasp Watch

Rasp /// $240

A white T-shirt is always clean and fresh, but it usually requires some help to achieve its full potential. The Rasp watch’s two-tone face, three-hand dial, and vivid strap can be that help, offering all the amplification you need. We bet no one’s going to think your tee is plain when you pair it with this boundary breaking accessory.

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