Jacob The Jeweler Says Pharrell and Nigo Pushed the Limits of the Jewelry Industry

Jacob's post arrives a year after Pharrell sold nearly 20 Jacob & Co. jewelry pieces as part of his Joopiter’s Son of a Pharaoh auction.

Matthew Eisman / Getty Images

Jacob The Jeweler credits Pharrell and Nigo with pushing the boundaries of the jewelry industry.

On Saturday, Jacob hopped on Instagram to promote an upcoming auction. In a series of photos featuring Jacob alongside both Pharrell and Nigo, the legendary jeweler praised the pair for changing the industry.

"30 years ago you would never see someone wearing chains like these," Jacob wrote. "The colors of the diamonds, the elaborate designs, being worn by men were all unheard of. Together we changed that."

Jacob continued by crediting Pharrell and Nigo for being "daring enough to do something that wasn’t done before."

"Pharrell and Nigo not only embraced my vision but also aimed to push the limits within the jewelry industry," he shared. "I'm so proud of the boundaries we've broken together and how appreciated these styles remain today."

Jacob's post arrives a year after Pharrell sold nearly 20 Jacob & Co. jewelry pieces as part of his Joopiter’s Son of a Pharaoh auction. The 47 items, which sold for a total of $5.25 million, was highlighted by the Jacob & Co custom N.E.R.D. character pendant chain. 

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